Practical Work Placement


Evidence-based experience

At AAON, your safety and wellbeing come first. 

When you are required to participate in Practical Work Placement training, AAON will ensure that the host employer has met and completed our stringent checklist before the commencement of your placement.

This will include, as follows:

  • AAON will submit a Practical Placement Agreement outlining the roles and responsibilities of all parties, which will be signed by you, the host employer and AAON.
  • AAON will provide a copy to all parties, and the original signed Practical Placement Agreement will be kept on your student file.
  • To safeguard your interests and progress, AAON will monitor your placement to ensure that all obligations are mutually met.
  • Additionally, we will ensure that your workplace experience will help you cultivate genuine patient empathy along with the competency-based practices employers seek in the aged care and mental health sectors.

As part of the AAON connection, many graduates go on to secure fulfilling positions within our hospital and community network.

There are several courses that involve structured workplace learning and practices.

AAON also follows the regulatory models  under Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 [WHS] to eliminate risks by reasonable practice. As such, we ensure that all associated staff, trainers and healthcare partners are fully compliant in every aspect of legislation, AAON’s Risk Assessment policies and the designated and individual responsibilities of all parties.