Unique Student Identifier


Your Unique Student Number

All students undertaking a nationally-accredited vocational course or diploma are required by Australian law to have a Unique Student Identifier [USI] for you to receive your qualification or statement of attainment [completed units of competency which have been completed as part of the course outline].

Your USI is free to create and will remain with you for life. However, the information that you supply on your USI application must match your registered information with AAON.

  • A USI reference number comprises ten numbers and letters that will, as follows:
  • Grant you online access at any time to your training records and transcripts.
  • Download any USI transcripts submitted by AAON [or any other recognised learning institution since 2015].
  • Allow you to substantiate your outcomes when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer to another course or demonstrating preconditioned requirements when undertaking further employment training.

Before you apply, you will need a form of ID [i.e., passport and international student visa] to create your USI and then grant AAON permission to view and update your details and transcripts throughout your course.

Unless you have an exemption issued by the Australian Government, AAON will not be able to issue you a qualification or a Statement of Attainment until you provide your USI or submit your official Confirmation of an Exemption.

If you are a continuing student at AAON, you will need to include your USI Number when applying for another course.

As an international student, you can apply for a USI once you have arrived in Australia and your International Student Visa has been activated.

The collection, use and disclosure of your USI is protected by the Student Identifiers Act 2014.  Further information on the privacy of your personal information is available on our Privacy page and Student’s Handbook.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Student’s Support officer.