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Welcome to the Australian Academy of Nursing’s application page.

As a prospective AAON student, you are required to provide personal information to enable us to process your application and identify the suitability of the course with your educational requirements and career goals. 

Further information regarding the responsible handling of your private information [in compliance with Data Provision Requirements 2012 and Privacy Act 1988] is featured on our Student Privacy page and in the Student Handbook.


Please complete all sections of the application form, sign it and send it to us along with the following substantiation documents, as follows:

  • Certified transcripts and certified English translations of relevant academic records.
  • Evidence that demonstrates your English Language Competence or certified proof of English language proficiency (IELTS certificate or equivalent).
  • Certified evidence of having met the published course entry requirements for the course in which you wish to enrol – as outlined on the Course Outline.
  • Any additional documentation to support your application (e.g. resume, work certificates and appropriate references).
  • Certified copy of your passport, including a copy of your visa if available.
  • If you are applying for course credit, please read the information outlined in the Student Handbook and the respective course page. Note that the granting a course credit will affect the length of your student visa.
  • Please include payment for the non-refundable application fee which you can pay by an Australian-issued cheque, international money order [SWIFT] or direct transfer into our bank account.
  • All cheques and money orders should be made out to Australian Academy of Nursing Pty Ltd. Please refer to our FEES structure, including the non-refundable application fee of $200.

Before you submit your application, please contact the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to ensure that you have met their criteria to obtain an International Student Visa. 

If your application to AAON is successful, we will send you a letter of offer and an invoice for your fee payments.  Please see our Admissions Criteria.

Please contact our Admissions Team if you require additional assistance. 

Origin & Visa Details

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Yes, AboriginalYes, Torres Strait IslanderYes, Yes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait IslanderNo
Very WellWellNot WellNot at All
Hearing/DeafLearningVisionIntellectualMental IllnessPhysicalMedical ConditionOther(specify Below)

List a Previous Qualification You Hold

Year 12 or EquivalentYear 11 or EquivalentYear 10 or EquivalentYear 9 or EquivalentYear 8 or Below
Bachelor or Higher DegreeDiploma(or Associate Diploma)Certificate ICertificate IICertificate III (trade certificate)Certificate IVAdvanced Degree (or Associate Degree)Other Certificate
Full-Time EmployeePart-TimeSelf-Employed - Not Employing OthersBusiness OwnerUnemployed - Seeking Full-Time Work
To secure employment in the Healthcare IndustryTo secure additional skills in the Healthcare IndustryTo get a better job or promotionFor personal interest or self developmentTo start a business in the Healthcare IndustryTo develop my existing businessTo try for a different careerIt is a requirement for my existing positionTo get into another course of studyOther reasons

Changing Courses

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In completing this online application form you agree, as follows:

  • That the information you have provided on this form is true, correct and complete.
  • That you have been provided with appropriate and sufficient information to make an informed decision about your enrolment in this course.
  • That you have read and understood AAON’s Information Privacy Policy.
  • That you have been provided with detailed information regarding the fees and charges associated with your course enrolment. This includes information on tuition fees, administration fees, materials fees, payment terms and the applicable Refund Policy.
  • That you understand AAON’s Student Code of Conduct, student policies and procedures as well as all relevant and current legislation mandated by the Australian Federal Government and NSW Government.
  • Please refer to the Student's Handbook if you need to review once again, any of the policies before signing above.