International Students


Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)

As an international student intending to study at the Australian Academy of Nursing [AAON] you will need to secure a student visa for the duration of your course program [which will commence from the day you  arrive and to when you plan to depart] before travelling to Australia.

However, you may only apply for a student visa after you’ve received a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from AAON.

This will be issued after you have, as follows:

  • formally accepted our placement offer to a course
  • returned your signed acceptance form and required course deposit
  • purchased your Overseas Student Health Cover

Your student visa application will be processed by the Department of Home Affairs.

As a student visa holder, your rights are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000  and the legal framework under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students [CRICOS], National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 [National Code] and Tuition Protection Service.

It is also important that you abide by the conditions of the granted student visa and AAON’s student policies and procedures. Your failure to comply may result in the cancellation of your visa. Please refer to the Student’s Handbook or the website for further information.

You must follow those conditions include (but are not limited to), as follows:

  • Satisfy attendance and/or course progress requirements and maintain a valid enrolment for your chosen course of study.
  • Only work if you have been given permission to do so as part of your visa grant.
  • Maintain approved Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) while in Australia
  • Notify your training provider of your Australian address and any subsequent changes of address within 7 days.
  • Complete the course within the duration specified in the CoE.
  • Remain with the principal education provider for 6 months unless you are issued with a letter of release from the education provider to attend another institution.

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Documents to Bring

The costs of travelling to Australia are not included in your course fees and you will need to arrange and pay for your travel to Australia. You should plan to arrive in Sydney a minimum of two weeks before your course orientation, a timeframe that will allow you to settle in.

You will need to prepare a folder of official documents to bring with you to Australia including:

  • Valid passport including a valid student visa
  • Your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • Insurance policies
  • Original or certified copies of documents such as your birth certificate, medical records and educational qualifications as advised by Australian Academy of Nursing at the time of confirmation of enrolment.
  • In case you lose your original documentation, make copies of your paperwork and passport and leave with a trusted family member.
  • If you are travelling with your family you will need to include their documents as well.
  • Carry all documentation in your carry-on luggage.

On Arrival in Australia

International Student Welcome Desk

The welcome desk at Sydney International Airport is staffed by local and international student volunteers through a work integrated learning program. The volunteers greet students and offer orientation advice including information on accommodation and transport. iPads on the desk also offer information and automatically direct students to StudyNSW’s website

Location: Beside the Airport Ambassador’s desk in Arrivals Hall A International Terminal.

Hours: During peak periods the desk is open from 7.00-11.00am and from 6.00-10.00pm, seven days a week. Outside of the semester intake period the desk will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7.00am-12.00pm.

Keeping in contact

Before you leave home, you should provide your family and friends, and your education provider in Australia, with details of your flights to Australia and where you will be staying when you arrive

Arranging your finances

The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar.  Ideally, you should change your money into Australian dollars before you depart. There are currency exchange centres at all Australian international airports but the exchange rates will be lower than bank’s currency conversion.

Once you have arrived into Sydney, you can also change more money into Australian dollars at any bank or currency exchange. It is important to note that banks are not open on the weekend.

You should not carry large sums of money with you and it is best to only have the money that you will need for the first few days and then arrange to have the rest of the funds transferred to you in Australia.

The amount you will need to bring with you will depend on whether you have already paid for your accommodation before you arrive. It is recommended that you have enough cash to last you for a couple of weeks.

Find out more about money matters by visiting