Fees & Refunds


Certificates and Diplomas

It is important for all students to understand the payment structure of AAON’s course fees and refunds policy before you enrol. Our Student Services is here to help you and to provide further information about the payment options and other associated living expenses for international students.

Course Code Course Fee
Certificate III in Individual Support
Enrolment and Materials AUD $ 500.00
Course Duration 52 weeks
Cost: AUD $ 8000.00
Certificate IV in Ageing Support
Enrolment and Materials AUD $ 500.00
Course Duration 26 weeks
Cost: AUD $ 7000.00
Certificate IV in Mental Health
Enrolment and Materials AUD $ 500.00
Course Duration 52 weeks
Cost: AUD $ 8000.00
Diploma of Community Services
Enrolment and Materials Fees AUD $ 500.00
Course Duration 102 weeks
Cost: AUD $ 20,500.00
Public Holidays 2020
10-13 April, 2020 – Easter
25 April, 2020 – ANZAC Day
8 June, 2020 – Queens Birthday
5 October, 2020 – Labour Weekend
25 December, 2020 – Christmas Day
26 December, 2020 – Boxing Day
1 January 2021 – New Year’s Day

What you need to know

One semester of study comprises two terms or 20 weeks of classroom and placement study sessions. One term is equivalent to ten weeks of study period.

For Australian-Based Students

For onshore students, fees are payable in two instalments.

Payment will be due as follows:

  • First payment – application fee of $500 and 50% of the tuition fees and materials. This payment is due seven days after the written agreement and letter of offer has been received.
  • Second payment of 50% for the tuition fees and materials must be paid by Week 10.

For International Students

  • Once a written agreement and letter of offer has been received, fees are payable one semester in advance.
  • Failure to make a payment to AAON by the required date may result in cancellation of enrolment and cancellation of your International Student Visa.

Other Fees

  • Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL] – $200 per unit.
  • Reissuing of testamurs (a certificate proving an examination has been passed) and statements of results.
  • $50 for the replacement textbooks. This cost will only apply if you damage or lose the texts provided as part of the course, or require additional copies.

Cancellation of Fees

  • All course fees include a non-refundable enrolment fee, which is outlined above in the chart. Extenuating exceptions for refunds are outlined in AAON’s Fees Policy page.
  • Students who are experiencing difficulty paying their fees are invited to call our office to make alternative arrangements.

What you need to know

Fees and refund information

AAON follows the strict guidelines on compliance with the Australian Skills Quality Authority [ASQA] legislation — Clause 5.3 of the Standard Guide for Registered Training Organisations.

Prospective and current students are advised of all fees associated with the Australian Academy of Nursing’s tertiary course, which are featured in the Course Outline and on the Student Agreement.

The fee structure is provided to Australian students prior to enrolment or commencement of training, whichever is first.

For international students, information on AAON’s fees and structure is always provided prior to enrolment as per the requirements of the National Code 2007 Standard 4 under the Education Service for Overseas Student Act 2000 [ESOS Act] framework.

Fee information provided to domestic and international students includes, as follows:

  • All relevant fee information, including fees that must be paid and payment terms
  • Details of the potential for fees to change during the student’s course as relevant
  • Deposits and refund information and conditions relating to these

The learners rights as a consumer including any cooling off period.

  • Refund information is outlined in the Student Agreement and in the Student Handbook.
  • Fees will only be collected once a copy of the signed Student Agreement is received by AAON.

Inclusions in course fees

  • Unless otherwise specified, course fees include all the training and assessment required for students to achieve the qualification or course in which they are enrolling. Course fees will clearly itemise tuition, as well as non-tuition fees.
  • Course fees do not include required text books and learning materials. These are at an additional cost, as outlined on the Course Outline. Textbooks can either be purchased from AAON or external textbook providers as indicated on the Student Agreement.
  • Course fees include the issuance of a testamur and record of results and/or statement of attainment. For additional copies or re-issuing of any of these documents an additional fee is applicable. This fee is currently $50 per request.
  • Course fees do not include Overseas Student Health Cover or optional extras such as airport pick-up. These fees are at an additional cost as outlined in the Course Outline.

Late payments

  • Students who are experiencing difficulty in paying their fees are invited to call our office to make alternative arrangements for payment during their period of difficulty.
  • Debts will be referred to a debt collection agency where fees are more than 40 days past due. AAON reserves the right to suspend the provision of training and/or other services until fees are brought up to date. Students with long term outstanding accounts may be withdrawn from their course if payments have not been received and no alternative arrangements for payment have been made.
  • International students who do not pay their fees will be reported to DET via PRISMS under student default.


All course fees, include a non-refundable deposit / enrolment fee which is outlined on the Course Outline. The deposit is non-refundable except in the unlikely situation where AAON is required to cancel a course due to insufficient numbers or for other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, students will receive a full refund of their deposit.

A. Full Refunds for Australian and International Students

A full refund of any course fees paid will be provided to students in any of the following circumstances:

  • Where a course does not start on the starting date outlined in the Letter of Offer.
  • If an offer of a place is withdrawn by AAON and this is not due to incorrect or incomplete information being provided by the student.
  • If a student cannot commence the course because of illness, disability or where there is death of a close family member of the student (parent, sibling, spouse or child).
  • If other special or extenuating circumstances have prevented the student from commencing their studies including political, civil or natural events.
  • If the decision is made at the discretion of AAON’s Managing Director or an approved representative.

B. Partial Refunds

A partial refund will be paid to students in any of the following circumstances, as follows:

  • Partial refunds will be paid in the event of provider default. The refund will be calculated from the day of the default as per Section 7 of the Education Services for Overseas Students (Calculation of Refund) Specification 2014.
  • Partial refunds will also be provided in the same manner as for provider default (as above) where AAON fails to enter into a written agreement with a student or the Student Agreement is not compliant with the requirements of the ESOS Act or the National Code 2007.
  • If an international student is refused a visa (student default) before commencing their course, AAON will refund the total amount of all course fees (tuition and any non -tuition fees) received for the course less whichever is the lower amount of 5% of the total amount of the fees (tuition and non-tuition) or the sum of AUD $500.
  • If an international student is refused a visa (student default) but has already commenced their course, non-tuition fees will not be refunded. However, tuition fees will be refunded from the day of the student default as per Section 7 of the Education Services for Overseas Students (Calculation of Refund) Specification 2014.
  • If a student has supplied incorrect or incomplete information and as a result AAON withdraws the offer prior to commencement of the course, the student will be eligible to receive a refund of all course fees paid less a 20% administration fee.
  • Where a student has not met the conditions included in the letter of offer and withdraws 0 –28 days before cause commencement, the deposit paid will be refunded less a 20% administration fee.
  • Where a student withdraws from a course 0 –28 days before the course commencement, except for the reasons set out in 9.1, 50% of the deposit paid will be refunded.
  • If a student withdraws or defers their course after the course has started and they have paid for units/clusters that have not been commenced. This will be calculated on a per unit or cluster cost calculated as the course fee less administration fees of 20%, less textbook fees divided by the total number of units or clusters in the course.

C. Circumstances in which a refund will not be paid

The reasons for a student not to be entitled to a refund are, as follows:

  • Where a student is refused a visa and the reason for the refusal was because the student did not start the course at the location on the agreed starting day or the student withdrew from the course at that location or the student did not pay the fees due.
  • Where AAON terminates the student’s enrolment because of a failure to comply with AAON’s policies, misbehaviour or unsatisfactory course progress or attendance.