Training Principles


Leadership and Vision

AAON is committed to teaching, training and applying practical knowledge in ways that foster quality outcomes and a pathway to a fulfilling career in the Australian Healthcare Industry.

We achieve this by integrating education and workplace experience through multidisciplinary teaching skills, direct-instructional training and collaborative partnership activities in different hospital and community settings and specialisation areas within the aged care and mental health sectors; a mandate that contributes great significance to the successful delivery of the courses, and a pathway for tomorrow’s healthcare workers.

Additionally, we aim to bridge our scholarly knowledge, disciplines and industry recognition and build upon value, capacity and support in all aspects of community service.


AAON's Managing Director

Our leadership draws on the academic and medical expertise of Dr Lionel Chang, [MB BS FRACS], a specialist plastic surgeon and the managing director of AAON. With over 30 years experience in the Australian healthcare industry, Dr Chang’s esteemed reputation and extensive experience in the public and private health system further demonstrates AAON’s commitment to create the finest learning environment in vocational teaching, program delivery and practical training.

Dr Lionel Chang [MB BS FRACS]