Admissions Criteria


Step by Step Guide

Preparing for Enrolment

At the Australian Academy of Nursing [AAON], we want to ensure that our course will fit your requirements. This direction will allow you to make the right decision and pathway to your career when it comes to studying with us.

Before you submit your application, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

To commence any healthcare-based course [CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support; CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support, CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health and CHC 52015 Diploma of Community Services], we have a series of standards that an applicant must first satisfy in our selection process in order to be eligible for consideration. For the Diploma of Community Services course, there are other minimum educational standards that applicants must meet.

All offers made by AAON are highly sought after and are based on the number of placements available for each course and the individual quality of every applicant. Therefore, it’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of the course outline and fee structure by reading through the entire page. 

To further help you assess the likelihood of receiving an offer from AAON, we have set out an admission criteria which outlines the process and what what we seek from every applicant.

AAON’s academic culture is about equality, respect and inclusion. We welcome prospective students from around the world to apply. Please contact our Student Admissions Team or refer to our FAQs if you have any questions.

General Requirements

  • You must be over 18 years old at the time of enrolment
  • Entry Requirements (English Proficiency)
  • For Certificate III courses, you must have a General IELTS score of 5.0 overall with no score below 5.0 in any skill area or its equivalent.
  • For Certificate IV courses, you must have a General IELTS score of 5.5 overall with no score below 5.0 in any skill area or its equivalent.
  • For Diploma courses, you must have a General IELTS score of 6.0 overall with no score below 5.5 in any skill area or its equivalent.
  • All IELTS test results or its equivalent English test results must be valid at the time of enrolment. Assessment of suitability must include all substantiating secondary, tertiary and | or employment documentation.
  • You must have confirmation of Visa Student Entry.
  • You must have completed satisfactory police checks.
  • You must have completed the enrolment form and have met AAON’s entry requirements. This includes RPL or course credits [please see below].

Suitability of Enrolment and Special Needs

Upon receipt of your application form, AAON will review your documentation for suitability of enrolment. This will be assessed as follows:

  • All required information in the application form has been provided.
  • You have met our entry requirements, with all application processes and substantiation documents identified.
  • Your reasons for enrolling has been identified in your application and that the suitability of the course is in alignment with your career goals.
  • As per the Training and Assessment Procedure (TA7) for Student Support, AAON will establish if your support needs have identified on the form. The Director of Studies will then liaise with you to discuss your requirements in further detail.
  • All disabilities must be outlined so support and assistance will be available throughout the course.
  • If your suitability has not been identified in the documentation, AAON’s administration will follow up with you to seek further information.
  • If your goals are not suited to the course, AAON will provide reasons for the course being unsuitable.

RPL or Course Credit

AAON provides students with an opportunity to apply for a course where an advanced standing or a credit for previous study is recognised.

Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL] is a process where acquired skills and knowledge gained through work, life experience and other work-related training may be formally recognised.

A Course Credit can grant you credit towards your course for units of competency or modules that you have already completed with another RTO or authorised issuing organisation. We can also grant you credit for subjects or units you have completed where equivalence can be established between the unit/ module in your course, and the subject or unit you have completed.

Your application will be assessed on the merits you present.

If you believe you are eligible for RPL or Course Credit, AAON has a process that has been structured to minimise the duration of the course and costs. You should ideally apply at the time of enrolment, but you may also apply up to two weeks into your course.

RPL Process

  • If you think RPL is a suitable option for you, the first step is read AAON’s Course Credit and Course Transfer policies outlined in the Student’s Handbook before contacting the Students Support officer or course trainer. Suitability is often determined on how much experience you have in a specific area related to the course of choice.
  • If the RPL is determined as a possibility for you, AAON will provide you with a kit, which will guide you through each unit and help you ascertain your relevant skills and experience before applying.
  • You must complete and lodge your RPL application along with the documented evidence of all work place experience.
  • When you return the kit and RPL Application Form, you will be required to respond to questions and set tasks based on your skills and experience in your workplace. Observation of your work skills in your workplace will depend on the individual application.
  • An application fee of will be applicable and outlined in the RPL kit and course outline.

Course Credit Process

  • To apply, fill in the Credit Application Form and submit it as part of your application for enrolment.
  • Make sure you attach certified copies of transcripts from your previous study. In some cases we may ask for additional information about the subject or unit you previously studied so we can determine equivalence. Your Credit Application may be returned to you if you don’t provide the required information.
  • There is no charge to apply for Credit.
  • You will be advised in writing of the outcome of your Credit Application. In some cases, Credits may lead to a reduction in the course fees as there is less work involved in offering your course.

General information is also available in AAON’s Student Handbook.

Follow up in writing

Once we have established your suitability to study with us, either the Managing Director or the Director of Studies will a conduct an oral interview with you and review your supporting documentation.

Document discussion

During the interview, AAON will establish that all information about the course has been received and is suited to your career goals. Additionally, we will ensure, as follows:

  • That you have received the Student Handbook, Course Outline and Student Agreement, a mandatory document which binds all students to all applicable laws as well as AAON’s rules, policies and student charter.
  • That you will be issued with a Letter of Offer by email. If you wish to proceed, you must accept, sign and return within five business days.
  • That an invoice is created and sent for the deposit of tuition fees and any other applicable processes outlined in the Student Agreement.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Once you have accepted AAON’s letter of offer, signed the Student Agreement form, and provided proof of fee payment, AAON will create a Confirmation of Enrolment, which will be sent to you and your Student Agent [if applicable]. 

AAON will keep copies of all documents on your student file.


On receipt of AAON’s Confirmation of Enrolment, you may apply for an international student visa.

Your Obligations

If it has been established by AAON that the information you have provided is misleading, incomplete or false, such actions or breaches may lead to severe consequences which may impact the grounds for your enrolment, graduation or any provision of student services.

If you are an international student, we are also required to report any breaches to the Department of Home Affairs — an action that may result in having your student visa revoked.