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educational outcomes

AAON has maintained a proud tradition of academic excellence and values in healthcare education, which is reflected by the success of our students as graduates in the workplace.


certificates & diploma

AAON offers nationally-accredited courses and non-accredited certificates that are tailored to students who wish to start a rewarding career or build upon their knowledge and experience.


next intake for 2020

The next intake for AAON’s accredited Certificate and Diploma courses is by January 6, 2020. For the following semester, applicants must submit their application by April 14, 2020. 


we get you job-ready

Taking care of the elderly or people with disabilities within the Australian healthcare industry comes with many rewarding career opportunities. By choosing to study at the Australian Academy of Nursing [AAON], you have already taken the first steps in achieving your goals.

AAON provides a variety of vocational healthcare courses in an exceptional learning environment — educational disciplines that empower students with a genuine passion for the industry to capitalise on their strengths and graduate with outcomes of the highest standards. Additionally, each Diploma and Certificate course are taught by industry experts who impart greater insight into the aged care and mental health sectors; a direction that not only equips students with first-hand knowledge and principled application but also distinguishes them from their peers.

In the same way, we bring even further value to the student’s educational experience and practical work placement program through our extensive healthcare network — collaborative partnerships that bring students one step closer to securing a position of choice in a variety of frontline and community support service roles.


intake 2020


getting started

our campus

AAON’s modern campus provides students with the best location, facilities and resources along with an engaging and supportive learning environment.

student services

AAON is committed to the success and welfare of each student. We provide myriad student support services to ensure that students reach their maximum potential.

how to apply 

AAON’s Student Admissions staff is here to support all applicants through the enrolment and transition process; whether you’re a new or existing student.  


the booming Australian healthcare industry

Australia’s ageing population is creating new and diverse employment opportunities in the aged-care, disability and mental health sectors where the demand for professional care workers is growing at a faster rate than the proportionate supply of qualified graduates.

In the same way, the number of Australians requiring some level of aged care will also continue to drive employment growth in the healthcare industry with nearly 5 million [20 per cent of the total population] projected to be over 65 years of age. As of mid-2019, the Commonwealth Fund estimated that the aged care and disabilities sectors are expected to add 160,000 full-time positions following the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

For this reason, Australian Academy of Nursing [AAON] is setting the benchmark in vocational education and training by offering students a range of courses and skills-based clinical placements that focus solely on career pathways as residential and community carers.

Backed by a committed framework of legislative compliance and quality assurance, our healthcare courses empower students with the knowledge and practical experience — capabilities that offer rewarding and diverse career opportunities, job promotions or a placement at a premier Australian university.

This is our commitment to you. Welcome to AAON.