Carers are found in the age, child, disable, home care and as Assistants In Nursing (AIN)

There is an acute shortage of care professionals throughout Australia.

According to “Job Access Data” on the Australian Government Department of Employment “Job Outlook”, there will be more than 50,000 new jobs in the Care sector over the five years up to November 2019, and the trend is expected to grow. By 2025 there will be a shortage of more than 100,000 direct-care workers it is estimated that a 300% increase in the number of Carers would be required just to keep up with age care demand alone (Department of Health and Ageing Report  2016)

Carers are found in public and private institutions, care centres and in the homes of thousands across Australia.

It’s a professional, demanding, fulfilling career with a purpose to help others in need with job options throughout Australia and globally.

There are also research and career opportunities in this sector.

Aged Care

There are over 141,000 Carers about 40% work full time. As the population matures the demand for age care will increase dramatically in Australia and throughout the developed world.  (Source: “Job Access Data on Job Outlook 2016”)


Child care

Child care is increasingly a career orientated profession, which integrates studies in diet, child behaviour, learning, teaching  and biosciences.  This sector has grown by over 25% since 2015 introducing the idea of the “carer teacher” professional.


Disability Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has reinforced the valuable contribution, professionalism and dedication of Carers in this sector. It is estimated that the NDIS will support 460,000 Australians cared by over 100,000 Carers.  (The Age July 24 2016 )


Home Carers

Home carers are required to deal with specific health and domestic client issues in a professional and consistent manner. There are over 12,000 home carers throughout Australia and expected to grow to over 20,000 by 2025. (Source: “Job Access Data on Job Outlook 2016”)


Assistants Carers In Nursing (AIN)

Assistants In Nursing (AIN) are recognised as highly quality front line Carers in hospitals and medical clinics thought-out Australia. They support nurses and other medical practitioners in government the workplace at major facilities such as corporate, industry and defence forces .


Vocational internship

AAON offers vocational internship service which often leads to job placement, subject to course completion and employer criteria.

“On my first day at AAoN, I was very tense and worried about the course. I was not sure if I would complete the program successfully, but the course coordinators and facilitators were very helpful and friendly. They gave us lots of guidance and support. The PPOQN is a very intense course but on completion of the program I feel very confident of myself. The course helped me improve my communication, research, as well as my nursing skills. Today I am a successful RN and owe a lot to AAoN for helping me achieve this goal. I’m very proud for having graduated through AAoN”.
Anupriya D.

“This is the best course one can go through. It is short, but equips you well to meet challenges. The course content is concise but covers all essentials one needs to know about Australia and its health care system. The course is delivered in a phased manner and tries to bring out all innate potential in an individual. It also brought out in me a quest to know more and do my best. Above all there is always some one to guide you and see that you reach the other end as desired. Come and join us- it is fun and challenging!” (January 2009 Intake).
Uma G.

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