Student Services


Supporting our Student Community


Our Student Orientation Day offers the perfect opportunity for you to gain insight into student life and what you need to know.

Our faculty and staff will not only welcome you but each will offer advice and support during your initial transition. Additionally, you will learn about the values that underscore AAON’s student community along with the myriad services we have in place to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Student Assistance

AAON’s Student Support offers a range of student support services while you study with us.

This includes providing assistance with your application and enrolment,  providing documents that confirm your status as an AAON student [including your CoE], your transition to student life including course and student management practices, helpful information on local services and amenities, and your safety and general well-being as a student.


Living near our Parramatta campus will place you right at the epicentre of student life, day-to-day conveniences and myriad lifestyle activities.

Before your arrival in Australia, AAON can provide you with information on a wide choice of accommodation options and locations. This includes helping you access a suitable homestay — whether its short or long term — a rental property or a shared accommodation arrangement suited to your requirements.


We take all emergencies very seriously, no matter the circumstances.

For that reason, we ensure that you know what to do if anything should go wrong while you’re studying with us. This includes who to contact in an emergency and where to go in the event of one.

If there is an emergency in your home country [e.g., natural disaster, military coup or family illness or death] our Student Support team can provide assistance and counselling along with directing you to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s emergency hotline.

Student Welfare

AAON is committed to providing and upholding a culturally-inclusive global community through the promotion of student equity, social injustice and inclusion. We also recognise every student’s unique learning needs and have a series of regulatory policies and procedures in place which protects your rights as an international student studying in Australia.

Whether you have a disability [physical, learning, medical or a mental health condition], have any grievances or require a range of welfare services including counselling, a referral, advice, peer monitoring, coursework guidance, your welfare and general well-being are our foremost priority.

Job Assistance

At AAON, we are committed to helping our student community in all aspects of casual or parttime work.

Our Student Support Centre can provide you with advice with regard to any job application, the presentation of your resume, registering with a recruitment agency, specific jobs that are best suited to your skill-sets, interview tips and techniques, what supporting documentation you may be required to present including relevant education and training certificates, information relating to your student visa, assistance with the application of a required Tax File Number [TFN] and general information on international students’ basic work rights under the Fair Work legislation.

Working in Australia

Everyone working in Australia, including international students, have basic rights at work and it is important that you know that your legal rights in the workplace.

The Fair Work Ombudsman ensures that they are protected and enforced fairly under Australian workplace legislation. This includes your full entitlement to a minimum wage and superannuation, the opportunity to challenge unfair dismissal from your job, be allotted special leave, breaks and rest periods, and to work in a healthy and safe environment [in particular, discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying].

Most student visa holders can work up to 40 hours a fortnight during term time and as many hours as you like during the holidays. Before you undertake any paid work you need to make sure your visa allows you to work.  Please also view our Student Handbook for further information.