The nursing profession pioneered the care of individuals, families, and communities as a consequence of illness, misadventure, natural disaster, conflict, or age. The nursing practice encompasses a diversity of skills, knowledge, technology, and temperament. It is more than caring for the ill; it’s about quality of life.

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The Australian Nursing Museum


Today nursing is the cornerstone of an emerging valuable professional, that of the “Carer”.

Carers are increasingly thrust into management roles and often are needed to gain rapport with the people and community in their care. They also manage preventative health programs and also provide primary medical services to corporate, aged care, travel, fitness, and disaster relief sectors.

Today, research in the practice and profession of Carers is as diverse as the roles and demands on Carers.

Carers are often at the forefront of new ideas, insights, and thinking. They are the first to integrate new methods, technology, medication, and techniques.

AAON was founded in 2005 by a private hospital chain to cover the gap between theory and practice in both the training of nurses and the research conducted in the sector. This mission continues encompassing all Carers

The Academy today promote relevant research in the Carers profession which will have a direct impact on the effective delivery of a service in great demand.

Research seminars are often held at one of AAON’s teaching hospitals.

AAON also invites collaborative research with other organisations from Australia and overseas. AAON funds and provides support to researchers and like-minded organisations. To explore collaborative research opportunities with AAON, request for research funding, to access AAON research facilities, or to attend a research seminar, contact


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