The care of others is a people-based profession.

Carers are trained onsite  at one of the Academy’s teaching hospital or carers facility. However, we understand that a component of the education does not need to be done in person. For this reason, the Academy has developed an online training portal. As far as possible, the essential components of training have been incorporated in the online teaching platform. Within AAON’s online platforms, you will find:

  • Learning Labs
  • Aged Care Lab
  • Medical Care Lab
  • Reference Library & Resource Centre

The AAON online experience is designed to encourage an active, creative learning environment

You will need:


Sydney Private Hospital
The Sydney Private Hospital

The lectures, lab classes, and assessments conducted online are linked to the vocational placements (internship) as required by the course. Upon enrolment, students are given a username and password. To access the online platform, enter these details here, or click the “Student Login” button found at the top of each AAON webpage.



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