Above Image: Nearby Church Street Fountains and Centennial Memorial


Img: Aerial View of Parramatta

The Australian Academy of Nursing’s central campus and administration is located in Parramatta, the demographic centre of Sydney. Founded in 1788, the City of Parramatta is the home of the nation’s largest teaching hospital, medical research facilities, and education precinct. The State of New South Wales Health and Hospital administration is also found in Paramatta, along with the State of New South Wales local federal government administration headquarters. While it is the 8th largest city in Australia, Parramatta is also the fastest growing. It is also home to the buildings of major financial, engineering, accounting, construction, hi- tech, and related industries.



Img: Nearby Garfield Barwick Courthouse

Both The Australian Nursing Museum (home of the Australia’s first nursing college) and the nation’s first hospital are on the same street and are a short walk from the AAON campus. The campus is also opposite Centenary Square, the heart of the city. The banks of the Parramatta River, Australia’s oldest park,  the government administration building, and the city’s largest botanical gardens are also within walking distance of AAON’s facilities.


Img: Nearby Church Street, Centenary Park, St. John’s Church.

AAON’s campus is in the centre of a city with great cultural diversity, surrounded by historic houses, churches, modern shops, department stores, historic parks, sporting facilities, stadiums, theatres, museums, cinemas, restaurants, riverside cafes, and eateries. AAON’s campus is designed to engage students in clinical, creative, and critical thinking. The campus’ aim is to eliminate barriers to learning common between practitioners, teachers, researchers, and students.

Dummies and Chairs

Img: Learning Lab at the Parramatta Campus.

The AAON campus has modern facilities with opportunities for students to interact and learn. The traditional lecture theatres are replaced with study areas and “Learning Labs”. As the Kaizen philosophy drives everything we do at AAON, we have ensured that the campus functions to create the best possible learning experience. There are no large lecture theatres or teaching rooms; there are not hundreds of students vying for the lecturer’s attention.

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