What you need to know

Why study at AAON?

AAON was established in 2005 by experienced health and aged care providers, with the aim to provide training and research facilities to aspiring students from Australia and around the globe. Our services have strong, distinct ties with the industry. Since its establishment, AAON has trained and placed hundreds of health and aged care professionals throughout Australia.

What makes AAON Different?

AAON’s approach to teaching and research is focused on the needs of the health and aged care sector. Our commitment to those serviced by these sectors drives our need to give our graduates a clear career path in healthcare.

AAON was amongst the first to implement the Kaizen philosophy as the core teaching and research culture. Kaizen is Chinese and Japanese for “‘continuous improvement”. This process involves students and academics to continually improve all aspects of the learning experience and research endeavours of the Academy. Innovation, creative thinking, critical analysis, and a sound appreciation of ethics form the core values of our teaching culture.

The AAON difference is evident from the technology we use, our small but experienced faculty members, the design of our learning labs, and our fully-accredited and detailed study material. The way by which you will learn key concepts, techniques, and problem-solving skills will be in a dynamic environment.

How are courses delivered at AAON?

Course theory material is delivered online. Some courses feature practical components which are undertaken on-campus. Vocational placement is undertaken at a number of hospitals and aged care centres. During practical and tutorial sessions, students are placed into “learning teams” designed to engage the student as both individuals and as a team.

Why would I consider an age care qualification?

The aged care sector is the fastest-growing service sector in Australia and as such, our graduates are in strong demand. 

Is this qualification recognised?

All of the courses we advertise are nationally recognised and meet Australian Qualifications Framework standards.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

Certificate and diploma courses may require previous qualifications. Please consult the course page to find out what is required for the course in question or contact us.

How long will it take before my application is processed?

It depends on when you lodge your application. If the information on the form is complete, it can take up to three working days to process. Details of stage 2 of the application process will be sent to you by email if your initial application is successful.

How long does the course go for?

Each course may have different durations. You will need to consult the course page or contact us.

When do classes start?

The Certificate III in Aged Care features an intake date each month to allow for flexibility of course start and finish dates for students. For Certificate III in Aged Care intake dates, visit the Fees & Intakes page.

How can I enrol?

For the Certificate III in Aged Care, you will need to complete the online application form. For all other courses, you are able to apply through the course page. You will be notified about the results of your application via email. If you are provided with a letter of offer, it will provide clear instruction on how to officially enrol.

What are the fees?

The schedule of fees are found at the Fees page. Fee information can also be found on the course page.

Is there help available for fee payment?

Our interest-free instalment plan can allow a student to conveniently pay their fees throughout the duration of their course. Alternatively, there are scholarships, grants, and government assistance options to further assist a student in payment of fees. Further details will be provided in your letter of offer if your application is successful. For further information, visit our Financial Assistance page or contact us.

Do the fees include my study material?

The fees for the Certificate III in Aged Care covers the cost for all learning material and access to the online learning platform. However, the submission of an application for the Certificate III in Aged Care requires a one-off $200 administration fee.

Are there any scholarships or grants?

There are a limited number of half and full scholarships available throughout the year to both domestic and overseas students. You will need to complete the ScholarshipForm. For information on available scholarships, visit the Scholarships & Grants page or contact us.

Where are classes held?

Certificate III practical components are at AAON’s campus in Parramatta. The Certificate III in Aged Care features its theory material online through the online student learning labs, while its practical components and internship are held at on-campus learning labs and partner hospital facilities. Certificate IV in Aged care and Diploma of Nursing courses are held on a face to face basis at the ACFE campus in Melbourne.

Will I be able to get a job?

Aged care graduates are in strong demand due to the aging population and growth in the healthcare sector. AAoN will provide you with the skills and education to differentiate yourself in the job market. Through its direct care employer network, AAON fast-tracks graduates to employment. However, this is ultimately subject to employer selection criteria and the resolve of the graduate.

Do I need to find my own Internship/Vocational Placement?

No, AAON connects its students with employers through its direct care network to get you the required workplace hours needed for course requirements.

Will I be able to get a part time / casual job whilst studying?

AAoN’s partners are often employers in the sector who ask for interns to work part-time under the supervision of qualified staff. Although this arrangement is encouraged, it is not managed by AAoN.

Can I plan a career in aged care?

Aged care is amongst the fastest growing service sectors in Australia. This trend is likely to continue. No matter what your background is, a graduate can consider a career path in administration, management, procurement, research, and government related career paths. Contact us to get in touch with an AAoN Career Ready Officer to assist you with exploring these opportunities.