Once you have decided to apply, you should:
• read the Policies and Procedures and Terms of Enrolment found on this website
• read the closing dates for applications and the enrolment dates
• ensure you complete the application form in full

The application process is divided into two stages. To be successful in the first stage, a prospective student must fulfill the minimum requirements for the program of their choice as outlined in the course description. The second stage involves an interview. The interviews are held in Parramatta. For distance learners or those who have travel difficulties, interviews are held online using Skype.


Prior to the interview you will be advised as to what to bring . The purpose of the interview is to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the qualifications you have applied for. The outcome of the application process is forward to you by email. If you are successful in both stages of the application process, you will be offered a place in your desired program. If you are requesting recognition of prior learning (RPL) you should lodge your Recognition of Prior Learning Form before you enrol. An offer letter will be emailed to you and outline how to accept the offer,  the terms and conditions of the offer,  and the date of the last day you can accept the offer.

You should follow the instructions to accept or decline the offer. You should also note that places in the courses are generally very competitive, and there is a time limit as to when offers are kept open. Beyond the deadline, AAON cannot guarantee that you will be given a place in the course. Once you accept the offer, you will be emailed instructions which will guide you through the enrolment and fee payment process. Payment option terms and conditions will also be given to you.

You can then enrol online and select how you would like to pay your fees. Before you are enrolled, you should know your responsibilities and Terms of Enrolment. Once you complete your enrolment online, you will receive an electronic statement of fees.
You can select the method you wish to pay your fees. You should pay your fees by the due date shown on your electronic statement of fees to prevent any late charges.

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To find out more about paying your fees visit Fees and Financial Assistance. If you apply for a scholarship or grant, you should note that the closing date is the same as the date of the application deadline for a course. The decision to award scholarships and grants are generally made at the same time applications are processed. The outcome of your application for a scholarship or grant application is forwarded to you together with the outcome of your application to enrol.

Once you enrol you will receive a password and login name to access the online campus. The online campus is where you can view and download your study schedule. You will then be required to purchase a nursing uniform. Further information will be provided in week one of your studies. You will be invited by email to the Orientation day usually a few days before the commencement of classes. On Orientation Day you, will be photographed and an identification card will be issued. Your card identifies you as a student of AAON and allows you to access a range of services including library access, miscellaneous online services, and proof of entitlement for a Concession Opal travel card (subject to eligibility). Your ID card is essential when you are on hospital and aged care facilities. For distance learners, you will be asked to forward a picture for your virtual ID card and attend an online campus orientation session.


If you are using assistive technology and require any assistance you should contact info@aaon.edu.au

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