Getting You Started

How The Courses Are Tailored

At the Australian Academy of Nursing [AAON], we provide students who are looking to enter or advance their career in the Healthcare industry with a range of interdisciplinary courses tailored to the aged care and mental health sectors.

In the same way, our core facilities, education disciplines and services also provide students with the means to manage all course requirements while remaining involved in AAON’s active student life. This includes tailoring the various coursework and practical work placement timetables so that students can achieve all course outcomes while partaking in part-time work [see Working While Studying for International Students].


Our face-to-face classes are conducted at our Parramatta campus two full days each week along with one day of eight-hour work placement activities each week for 24 weeks.


Please view our course calendar for 2020 including the starting dates for each course along with the relevant semesters, and speak to our Student Support Centre regarding the enrolment dates.


Training has been arranged in clusters to allow for units with common themes to be delivered together in order to avoid unnecessary repetition.

Self Study

Each cluster includes a minimum of seven-12 hours of self-study time. This will allow students sufficient time to undertake research for assessments and complete all learning tasks that had not been finished in class.

Clinical Laboratory

Students will have direct access to the clinical laboratory to learn and develop skills such as performing activities of daily living tasks using equipment such as the lifting hoist and practising safe manual handling and infection control techniques.

Time to Work

Students are required to attend three days of compulsory classes during the teaching and training weeks; a timetable that provides spare time for studying and gaining paid work [international students on study visas must not work more than 20 hours per week during each 10-week term].


Assessments will occur through a combination of written assignments and practical application projects. As such, students will undertake formative assessments during class using workbooks for individual units. Final assessments will be clustered.

Fees Policies

Students can view our fee structure including payments and refund policies.




Certificate IV in Disability



CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability – Fast Track



BSB50215 Diploma of Business


Graduate Diploma

BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)


Laser Safety Certificate



How to Apply



Important Information

Fees & Refunds

Review the Australian Academy of Nursing’s course tuition fees, census and payment policies including non-refundable deposits for Australian and International Students. Please also view our Refund Policy link.

Course Attendance

Review the Australian Academy of Nursing’s student policy requirements, which include course obligations, course progress, required student participation and the monitoring of student attendance.

Misconduct, Complaints, Appeals

Review the Australian Academy of Nursing’s academic misconduct policy, which includes all processes involving allegations of misconduct, student’s rights, complaints, the required responses and any disciplinary course of action.

Semesters 2020

AAON’s academic calendar is made up of four, ten-week terms. Each course, which includes Certificate III in Individual Support, Certificate IV in Aged Care and Mental Health and the Diploma of Community Services has its own fixed terms and study clusters, and public holidays observed.

During every term and student break, you will have direct access to AAON’s study resources and time to enjoy campus life in the heart of Parramatta’s city centre. 

Please discuss your course including any relevant practical work placements with our Students Support Centre.

Student’s Handbook

Since 2005, the Australian Academy of Nursing has welcomed students from Australia and the international community to our nationally-recognised healthcare-based tertiary courses. 

Starting at entry level [Certificate III and IV] and finishing with the Diploma of Community Services, our student handbook outlines the respective course structure, enrolment requirements, student culture, policies and rules, internships and other relevant information; processes and disciplines that will create the right pathway to an Australian university or a thriving career in the Australian aged-care and community healthcare sectors.

Student Services

Whether you’re transitioning from school, another tertiary course, from the workplace or you’ve just arrived from overseas to study in Australia, AAON understands that some students may find life as a new or existing student a little overwhelming.

It’s important to us that you embrace campus life and our Students Support Centre is here to assist you.

To provide you with the right level of support and create an exciting and dynamic place to study, we have developed a variety of student support services including orientation advice, course and disability aid, counselling, emergency and workplace assistance.