Carers in demand

The acute shortage of Carers throughout Australia continues

In 2016 there were on average 130 new jobs on offer each calendar month in Sydney alone.

Nationally the job vacancies exceed 3,500 per month.

Employment growth is evident in the age and child care sector but with the increase roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) the shortage of Carers is destined to grow.

The 2017 Job Access Data confirmed that the shortage of Carers can only be addressed by vigorous recruitment of new professionals to the sector.

Over half the profession have Certificate III qualifications and the demand for career focused Carers has led to increase demand for training qualifications aimed at that part of the sector.

The Academy is focused on providing training to the carer sector in all its forms and aligned with the trends and needs of the sector.

With accessible courses delivered in a flexible manner, the Academy makes it possible for many Australians and International students to pursue a career as a Carer in Australia and overseas.