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Carers and AINs are becoming the core of health, age, child and disability care in Australia and around the world.

AAON graduates have a reputation for professionalism, temperament, skill, and knowledge.

AAON graduates have been recruited by local and overseas employers for many years. During the time of your study, you may volunteer to be part of the AAON career path program to match you with a prospective employer in Australia or overseas.

A Carers career goes well beyond the traditional role.

AAON graduates are often employed in managerial, research, and clinical roles from a range of employers including large public hospitals, small public hospitals, and specialist private hospitals.

Large corporations in the mining, energy, construction, fitness, and insurance industries have also employed AAON graduates. AAON students usually take on vocational placement or internship in a teaching hospital and/or aged care establishment through a portion of the duration of their program.

If you are seeking employment in the healthcare sector or need more information about careers, contact AAON career advisors at

If you would like AAON careers offices to visit your school, college, community to discuss careers in nursing contact:

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