New AAON Student Application

1 Contact Details & Enrolment Type
2 Student-Specific Details
3 Education, Qualifications, and Work Experience
4 Student Agreement & Supporting Documents
5 Payment Details

    Please complete all sections of this form, sign it and send it to us with the following: 1. Certified transcripts and certified English translations of relevant academic records. 2. Evidence to demonstrate English Language Competence or certified evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS certificate or equivalent). Students may submit evidence of any of the above to demonstrate English Language competence. 3. Certified evidence of having met the published course entry requirements for the course in which you wish to enrol – as outlined on the Course Outline. 4. Any additional documentation to support your application (e.g. resume, work certificates, references). 5. Certified copy of your passport including a copy of your visa if currently available. 6. If you are applying for course credit, please read the information on Course Credit in the Student Handbook or Policies Page. Note that the granting of course credit will affect the length of your student visa. 7. You will need to include payment for the non-refundable application fee which you can pay by cheque, money order or direct transfer into our bank account. 8. All cheques and money orders should be made out to Australian Academy of Nursing.
    Full Time: Class 4 days a week, 12 weeks. Part Time: Class 2 days a week, 24 weeks.
  • Origin & Visa Details

    If an Australian citizen or permanent resident, skip to "Next of Kin Emergency Contact" section.
  • Next of Kin Emergency Contact